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Sharpening the UK’s AI Edge Workshop – post event summary

July 4, 2024


On Tuesday 14th May, we co-sponsored an event at The Shard in London – “Sharpening the UK’s AI Edge Workshop.”

The workshop was organised by Federico Bignone (Warwick Business School), Stefano Baruffaldi (Politecnico di Milano), and Ammon Salter (Warwick Business School). Federico, Stefano and Ammon were awarded funding from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) for a three-year project called Profiting from Science which is looking at better understanding the emerging UK AI ecosystem and the relationship between AI new ventures and the science base. The workshop in May was part of the wider project.

The workshop was designed to help stimulate a dialogue between AI new ventures, policymakers and researchers seeking to understand the UK’s AI ecosystem. The day was split into two halves. The first part of the day featured speakers from some of the UK’s leading AI new ventures as well as established firms working at the forefront of AI. The second part of the day brought together and supported early career researchers working on AI topics in innovation studies.

Overall, the workshop provided a space to learn about the latest challenges and opportunities of AI new ventures and gain insights from the research of early career researchers working at the forefront of this topic. The event also highlighted the rapid growth of AI, the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and the critical role of open standards in fostering innovation.

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