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University-Industry Co-creation for Innovation: Models, best practice and evidence gaps 

October 26, 2023

IRC Insight paper 003

Insights & Reviews


Professor Muthu De Silva

University-industry co-creation – that involves integrating their knowledge, skills, resources and networks to simultaneously generate business, social and academic value – is a mechanism used to generate innovation and address grand challenges. There is a lack of knowledge on how the crucial elements – such as models adopted for co-creation, best practices, dynamic capabilities, financial sustainability and scalability, roles and composition of the team, motivations/resources, the use of intellectual property rights, and the use of resources – may vary by the type and the stage of co-creation project. As policy missions have become a more important tool for providing strategic direction for government funders, it is important to fill this gap in our knowledge. 

A summary and full report is available via the download section of this page.

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