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Landscape of Higher Education Institutions’ Readiness and Social Scientists’ Appetite in the Commercialisation of Research out of Social Sciences (CROSS)

August 2, 2023

Innovation Caucus Report

Insights & Reviews


Dr Shera Abdul Rahman

Professor Tim Vorley

Published by

Dr Shera Abdul Rahman


Relevant work produced as part of the Innovation Caucus.

This paper extends insights in supporting commercialisation of research out of social sciences (CROSS) by exploring the landscape of CROSS among social scientists and higher education institutions (HEIs). It focuses on finding nuanced insights on three key themes: 1) the appetite of social scientists across different disciplines in approaching CROSS, 2) the current HEIs’ institutional readiness in enabling and supporting CROSS, and 3) the funding pathways which have enabled social scientists to approach CROSS. The insights could provide the ESRC with an understanding of how to better align their funding calls with the interests of social scientists and provide greater support in the successful development of CROSS in the UK.

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