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Innovation Skills Framework Summary

August 2, 2023

Innovation Caucus

Business Innovation/Diffusion
Talent, skills and training


Dr Jen Nelles

Dr Nick Wilton

Dr Kevin Walsh

Professor Tim Vorley


Relevant work produced as part of the Innovation Caucus.


The Innovation Caucus was commissioned to develop an Innovation Skills Framework to identify the skills critical for innovation, support the development of an innovative workforce, encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators to drive economic growth, and support the UK’s position as a leader in innovation. As part of this process, we worked closely with Innovate UK, the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE), and their stakeholders to develop, test, and refine the Framework.

This report summarises the logic and components of the Framework and proposes some scenarios for applying it within a wide variety of organisations and innovation contexts. We wrote this document with both policy and practitioner audiences in mind. The Framework was designed to be flexible and highly adaptable, and so these scenarios represent just some of the ways that it can be translated into practice across a variety of contexts. Future work will focus on lessons learned from implementing the Framework and on refining both the  adoption process.

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