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August 1, 2023

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About Us

The Productivity Institute are an UK-wide research organisation exploring what productivity means for business, for workers and for communities – how it is measured and how it truly contributes to increased living standards and well-being.

The Place-based Climate Action Network (PCAN) is about translating climate policy into action ‘on the ground’ to bring about transformative change. This ESRC-supported network brings together the research community and decision-makers in the public, private and third sectors through five innovative platforms: three city-based climate commissions (in Leeds, Belfast and Edinburgh) and two theme-based platforms on finance and climate adaptation, with business engagement integrated into the working of each climate commission.

OMB Research are research experts providing fresh thinking and flexible solutions with a breadth of experience across a range of specialisms and sectors.

Business, research & financial experts using the power of big data and machine learning to diversify access to finance.

CECAN is pioneering, testing and promoting innovative policy evaluation approaches and methods across Nexus domains such as food, energy, water and the environment, through a series of ‘real-life’ case study projects with co-funders (ESRCNERCDEFRABEISFSA and EA). Hosted by the University of Surrey.

The CEIA works to ensure agricultural and horticultural research supports practical innovation that is relevant to the future challenges faced in farming, ensuring impact at the scale and pace those challenges demand.

IGL supports the development of productive, sustainable and inclusive economies through the application of new policy ideas, data and rigorous evidence.